Things I’d like to do if I get more time


  • etch a pcb for the pi hat wiring, fix the minim keyhole light so it can plug and unplug and isn’t… uh… taped in
  • an rf remote controlled usb port to turn the plinth on and off when it’s on the battery pack, another one to ‘reseat’ the dmx usb in the light pi when it’s up in the rafters. Why isn’t this a thing I can just buy?
  • fix keyhole light (doesn’t seem to be giving console messages so it’s osc, almost certainly the ip address in the Local OSC connection scriptable item is wrong, did this happen when I moved to the gallery PC and I didn’t notice? it’s not the ip address, I can’t figure out what it is yet)
  • auto candle pickup and use done but it didn’t really add much so I turned it off
  • architectural styles corpora mixed with last names to tersely ‘describe’ room
  • replace the error 500 page that relic api endpoint gets for empty cenotaphs (Done, I think! need to test)
  • move all the relics out loose in rooms into cenotaphs, we can feel all those empty cenotaphs now)
  • more sound design for when I can make noise without bothering neighbor pieces.
  • more light design for when I can use lights without bothering neighbor pieces.
  • more physical controllers for different verbs, more views of the tile-painting art, like a map on a table that shows the map of the room as it is on the grotto site (the book did this for the show)


well there’s a whole trello board of things, but on my list of wants:

  • in-room roguelike movement. The game as it is now is a higher-level nodemap position game but in each room there would ideally be a client side non-networked game where you move around and do stuff on the tile-grid. In room locations wouldn’t be in the database, just any consequences that need to be shared, like an item taken or a character bashed out of a room. We didn’t do this because the multiplayer stuff still would get commmmmplicated. Would love to figure this out with some time and maybe $ My idea is that you could use a cellular automata to do it, and then you’d have a single convenient seed that would be saved to the room in the database, rather than every item and character having to keep track of room position.
  • tutorial room with character class selection and custom relic creation
  • sound
  • embedded game emulators
  • lots more relic texts
  • more organs, more organ attributes (gut that eats and poops, spectral organ lets you pass through doors, stuff like that. Every ability would get some drawback)


I’ve decided to defer the Frontier Mode chapter for later, so I can continue researching. I plan to include a short chapter and leave the introduction section for it as a teaser.