Some changes to Grotto from Saturday that I’m just now documenting here- Added the body parts UI area and changed the item interaction pattern- body part items can be equipped, all items in either section have a ‘x’ button that will drop them in the current room.

Playing with an attract screen animation.

Solenoid lock is working with phantom doorknob now- the rotary encoder cycles through a list of exits in the current room and changes a neopixel led color to match the door and pops the solenoid lock to match its locked state. Doorknob is mounted on my mdf prototype board and everything is assembled except for the lazy-suzan/rotary encoder mount. Seems pretty good so far! I will try to get the rotary encoder mount prototyped by this weekend.

kind of slow progress with MQTT, it was running as both a service in the background and as a separate instance, I think. Working on it for another 25 mins or so today before I switch gears to classwork.