studio notes 7-19-24

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The show I just wrapped was kind of conceptually overloaded, but it was useful as a kind of high-level survey of the stuff I’m wrangling right now, and the goal was to find new ways to connect the tile art I’ve been doing, which is of the Dungeon Mode, to dungeons-as-mines, which was an underdeveloped chunk of my thesis writing that just kept blowing up as I would find more and more readings and more weird kismets piled up in my life related to it.

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Really interesting article about the Chinese localization (A mod!) of Baba is You which is extremely in the Didaktik Gama topos

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Mining Language

Mineral wealth from the Americas underwrote and undergirded European colonization of the New World; American gold and silver enriched Spain, funded the slave trade, and spurred Spain’s northern European competitors to become Atlantic powers. […] Link

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Studio Notes 7-17-23

Last Saturday of the show was very nice, I had a lovely long walkthrough talk with Kristen Lucas. I had a nice chat with an old friend about the Geomancy Sketch that pops up in my main piece for the show, which was something I was fiddling with while I was in a SFPC class. I also think my typical fretting during the installation and opening overshadowed the really nice interactions I was having in the space on the first two nights. I had a great long talk with my super talented studio neighbor Scott Gelber and I got to meet and talk to Lauren Gardner from Babycastles/SFPC.

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Typewriter Plotters

Did you know there were typewriters that used ball point pens to draw not just text but also graphics? I’ve collected several of these over the years. Read on to discover a world that you didn’t know existed. […] Link

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Ted's Caving Page, with the story of his discovery in a local cave.

3/23/01 Due to the overwhelming number of requests I have received to tell about my discoveries and bizarre experiences in a cave not far from my home, I have created this web page. I will outline the events that happened to me during the past few months. […] Link

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