Pomodoros today involved evaluating how the block-stacking function will work (goal is to implement this before the end of the week). For this I’ll need to be able to check a location to see if a block is there. We may be able to just check the grid location to see if the tile there is null (I kind of remember doing stuff like this in Thicket, but it might be better to come up with a way to store data about tiles like this. To get a block:

  • at the location of the click:
  • check the grid location tilemap ‘Stacks’ (the tiles above ground) to see if there are blocks: – set the highest block that isn’t an obelisk cap’s tile to null – if there’s an obelisk cap, decrease its z position by one – increment the players inventory blocks by one
  • if there’s no blocks on ‘Stacks’ check the ‘Ground’ tilemap for blocks: – set the block tile on the ground location to null – increment the players inventory blocks by one

I may regret it but I also imported the Simple Tile Pathfinding 2D package I used in Thicket too, I’m not sure if I’ll need this yet, but I think adding pathfinding and block tiles will make moving around a lot nicer (pathfinding around obstacles, no banging head against colliders, npc pathfinding).