input and output of wave function collapse

For a while now I’ve wanted to find a way to procedurally generate images of the individual cenotaphs in Grotto. I tried for a while to randomly generate meshes in Unity to no avail for the 3D versions. I tried using the wave-function-collapse + tilemap method I used in Archon to generate 2d images, and this doesn’t work either. for all the tile-to-tile relationships that a 2 dimensional markov chain codifies, it doesn’t do what I actually need- encode broader rules about what would make a good image of a monument using the visual language of my tile maps. Things like preserving bilateral symmetry without mirroring shadows, ideas about what the shapes being represented by the individual tiles are.

There’s not any way around manually trying to turn each of those rules into code (that I know of) something that is kind of daunting, but maybe less daunting than making 1000 tilemaps by hand. an unreadable map Likewise I’ve also been trying to figure out how to make a working minimap for players in Grotto using the tilemaps, but this gets incredibly complex very quickly- just trying to figure out where to place boxes representing rooms on the grid without modern tricks like force directed nodes. I’ve played with the problem a while and always end up with a jumbled mess.