Wiley Wiggins

Real quick and dirty: what do I do? uhhh... Game Design! UI Design! motion graphics and video prototyping! Performative (live) video! Acting, editing and other outmoded indie film things! Talking head and writer about any of those previously mentioned subjects! I'm game and film literate and I'm passionate about making stuff collaboratively.

Work History: _DSC4812 Director

Fantastic Arcade
I'm very proud to be a part of Fantastic Arcade, the annual independent game event sponsored by Fantastic Fest. Fantastic Arcade brings independent game developers from around the world to Austin to highlight and promote their games and to foster a relationship between independent developers, fans, and other creative disciplines.
I'm also a co-founder of Juegos Rancheros, the monthly indie game culture meetup here in Austin.

Creative Director

Karakasa Games
I'm currently working out my dream of developing a game with my friends James Curry and Scott Lee. Our project is a psychedelic adventure game for the iPad called Thunderbeam, and it features the music of The Octopus Project. We had a successful fundraiser for project on Kickstarter, and we're having a great time creating our own little world.


Hexadecagon, March 2010
Shot, edited and composited video and motion graphics, created animations, created VDMX sets, researched and did equipment purchases, co-ordinated additional programmers and oversaw full setup- as well as running visuals during the Octopus Project's live show, "Hexadecagon", a multi-audio and video channel performance.

One of my video loops plays behind DEVO and The Octopus Project at Moogfest 2010. Photo source, New York Times
User Experience Engineer
New Iron

Provide User Experience design and front end webdesign for New Iron clients. I'm used to working with widely varied architecture and web technologies- html5/css3/haml/sass/less/jquery/rails/grails (I generally change my technology stack to adapt to different client's workflows), software versioning with git or svn, and different modalities of project management. I gather requirements, draw wireframes, build and iterate front-end code, and do usability testing. I know I pushed this role down a bit on the page, but it's what I spend most of my time doing, and I'm pretty good at it.

UI Design

AT&T Wi-Fi Services, July 2007 - July 2012
In this position I designed the Wi-Fi connection experiences and internal tools of a number of clients, including the Hilton family of hotels, FedEx, and Barnes and Noble. I also designed the default iPod touch and non-subscriber iPhone connection pages for AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots.

Web Designer

Podaroo!, October 2009
Contract Web and UI designer for http://podaroo.org. I built the CSS, graphics and interface, and Alan Watts built the php and actionscript backend. Podaroo is a podcast for and by kids, and the site includes an inline recorder that kids can submit content with.

Video Compression services

I was originally hired by Wayport as a video compression specialist for an unreleased Video on Demand product, in addition to my design services. Since then, I've done a significant amount of freelance video encoding for device and web playback.

Video Prototyping

Conduit Labs, May 2007
Provided video prototyping services to help visualize a game in pre-development.

Editing/Motion Graphics/Sound Design/Systems Consulting

Gamecock Media Group, May 2007
Provided project-by-project purchase and setup consulting for editing systems, as well as a full range of production services for Gamecock Media, an independent game publisher in Austin Texas.

Interaction Design and Project Management

Mediatronica, Nov 2006- May 2007
Provided interaction design and project management for Mediatronica Incorporated.

Motion Graphics Artist

South By Southwest, 2006
Supplied motion graphics bumpers for video content on the South By Southwest website.

Pro Application Support

Apple Computer, Austin Texas, 2003 to 2006
Provided enterprise-level customer support for Apple's pro-apps: Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Motion and their supporting technologies.
Certifications & Awards:

  • Apple Certified Pro Video Level 1 Technician
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 4.5 Certification Level 1
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 5 Certification Level 1
  • Apple Logic Pro 7 Certification Level 1
  • 3 AppleCare Excellence Awards, 2004-2005

Animator & Actor

"Waking Life" - Flat Black Films & Detour Filmproduction, Austin Texas, 2000
Worked as an animator on Richard Linklater's film "Waking Life", in addition to performing as an actor in the film. Animation was done using proprietary rotoscoping software designed by Bob Sabiston.

  • National Society of Film Critics Awards, 2002 - Best Experimental Film
  • New York Film Critics Circle Awards 2001 - Best Animated Film
  • Venice Film Festival, 2001 - 'CinemAvvenire' Award for Best Film & Laterna Magica Prize - Special Mention
Quality Assurance and Icon design

Aspyr Media Inc. 2002-2003
During my time at Aspyr I created many icons for the company's games and installers, most notably Medal of Honor: Spearhead.

Steve Jackson Games, 2003
Created supplemental illustrations for the SJG book In The Well
Created 12x12 pixel icons for an SJG Windows application.

Video Effects Artist

Advanced Media Productions - Los Angeles California       11/2000 - 1/2001
Contracted as Adobe After Effects artist for broadcast TV projects



If you read through my whole resume trying to figure out if, in fact, I am the kid from Dazed and Confused, you win a lollypop. But how many people named Wiley Wiggins do you think there are? Most recently I performed in Andrew Bujalski's Computer Chess, which bowed at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. I also recently worked as a voice actor for the audiobook version of Chuck Klosterman's novel Downtown Owl for Simon & Schuster. See: My Internet Movie Database Profile
By osmosis, I'm now experienced in all aspects of filmmaking and post- production. Self-equipped and ready to roll on guerilla filmmaking projects.

Selected speaking engagements and duties:
  • Main Competition and Student Competition Juror for the annual Independent Games Festival, 2010-Present. I've also been a repeat Grand Prize juror, and a Mobile and Narrative category judge.
Fantastic Arcade:
  • Director, 2012-Present
  • Competition Juror, 2010-2011
  • 'Starcade' host, 2011-Present
IGDA Summit/Casual Connect: South By Southwest Interactive Conference:
  • Advisory board member, 2008-current
University of Texas, Harry Ransom Center:
  • Alternative Technologies Screening Series, Waking Life Q&A (2006)
SXSW Film and Interactive panels:
  • Indie Games, Indie Film - DejaVu (2012)
    with James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot - Indie Game the Movie
    Adam Saltsman - Cannabalt
    Phil Fish - Fez
  • Story Structure and Mobile Media (2005)
    with Harvey Smith - Game Designer, Deus Ex
    Michele Chang - Interaction Designer, Intel
    Michael Epstein - M.I.T. Department of Writing and Humanistic Studies
  • The Future of Film Blogs (2005)
    with David Hudson - writer, GreenCine Daily
    Mike Curtis - writer, HD for Indies
    Karina Longworth - writer, Cinematical
  • Can Copyright Bring Audience and Filmmaker Together? (2004)
    with Glenn Otis Brown , Exec Dir - Creative Commons
    David Ball - Creative Commons/Fourth Wall
    Justin Cone - Tween
    David Jacobs , Dir of Technology - MediaRights.org
  • Acting in Independent Film (2001)
    with Jeffrey Tambor -Actor
    Barry Corbin -Actor
  • Cinemuerte Film Festival (2005)
    Judged submissions for the "Bloodshots" horror filmmaking competion, along with actor Taylor Negron.
  • Fantastic Fest Film Festival (2006)
    Jury member for competition films.
Selected Exhibitions
  • Thinkery 21- The New Austin Children's Museum Evening Series, 2013
    Hypercards interactive video installation
  • Austin Downtown Holiday Stroll, 2013
    Hypercards video installation
  • Chalkboards, 2013
    Live visuals for a performance by I AM YOUR DESTRUCTION and Chalkboards
  • PsycheFest, 2013
    Live visuals during Austin Psychefest
  • Fires were Shot, 2012
    Live visuals for Fires were Shot
  • Amasa Gana
    Provided live projections for a live performance by Amasa Gana
  • Fantastic Fest, Sept 2012
    Provided video projections for the Datapop chiptune showcase in Austin, Texas.
  • VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver BC
    The Yule Log invitational
    Saturday, December 12, 2009
    "SimYuleLog"- a textual log simulation, by Wiley Wiggins.
  • The Dougherty Arts Center, Julia C Butridge Gallery
    Steve Brudniak: Noumenon
    June 28th 2008
    Created a short video of sculpture process by artist Steve Brudniak.
  • Soap Gallery, Kitakyushu, Japan
    who is your friends? / the soap operas
    March 2-9 2007
    - International Video Art Program -
    Curated by Edvine Larssen and Declan Rooney
    (Radiotricity: 7 minute DVD Loop by Wiley Wiggins)
  • La Casa Encendida, Madrid
    October 2005 through January 2006
    Curated by Jordi Costa and Alejandro Mendibil
    (Video Artifacts: Short videos by Wiley Wiggins)
    This exhibit focused on issues of copyright in culture and art. Works by Douglas Gordon, John Waters, Tim Maloney, Packard Jennigs, El Perro, Artemio Narro, Quim Tarrida, Dani Montlleo, David Domingo, Todd Haynes, Danger Mouse and DJ Spooky were presented.
  • Slow Motion Video Festival
    This touring festival of 120 one minute slow motion shorts included my videos Organs and Ritual
  • Diagonals
    Provided video content for live shows by the band Diagonals
  • The Octopus Project
    Video Projection content 2005-
    Provided video content for live shows by the band The Octopus Project
  • Cue
    Video Projection content
    Provided video content for live shows by the band Cue
  • Zaireeka!, Austin
    July 2005
    An Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow Presentation
    Created a 4 Screen video to accompany track 5 of a presentation of Zaireeka! by The Flaming Lips. Zaireeka is a unique 4 disc experimental album, wherein all 4 discs are played simulateously on 4 stereo systems. Link
  • Scratch! Tour
    Contributed motion graphics for projection at the 2002 Scratch! Tour.


I maintained the tech/art centric blog It's Not For Everyone from 2002-2012. I currently write about games for Omni Magazine online. Some past credits include World of Mondo blog, BoingBoing, Gamespot and FringeWare Review. I have also written selected program notes for The Austin Film Society's Essential Cinema series.

I'm also preparing a series of talks about UI design that I'm excited to share soon.

Selected press: