This is a small collection of websites, interfaces and artwork I've done over the years. It is a random selection of things I still had access to or screenshots of, and is by no means complete. Additionally, some work is protected by non disclosure agreements and cannot be added to my portfolio. The icons are stored in iContainer format and can be viewed with Candy Bar.
I do most of my web work with very basic and sturdy html, css, and various graphic apps. I do not use flash for interactions in any of my pages except for the recorder in podaroo, which has an actionscript backend built by Alan Watts. I tend to use jQuery for any animation or fancy interactions.

I was the webdesigner and UI designer for Podaroo- a podcast for kids that includes an inline recorder so they can contribute their voices to each episode. The php and actionscript development for the site was done by the amazing Alan Watts.

I contributed artwork for both the LP and CD packaging for The Octopus Project's album Hexadecagon. The LP version is a reworked still from motion graphics I designed for the hexadecagon live performances, and the CD version is a photo I took during a video shoot for additional clips for the live show using direction and concepts from the band. Layout/text on the album packaging was done by the band.

Here's my friend Susu Tyrrell's webpage. It's a quicky with her twitter feed and some jquery image galleries.

My work at Wayport involved a lot of graphical retooling of the Wayport Welcome Pages to match the aesthetic of partner's properties and to conform to various devices, notably the iPhone. Since the acquisition of the company by AT&T and the creation of AT&T Wi-Fi Services, I am now working as the lead webdesigner for handhelds for the next iteration of AT&T's wifi hotspot connection process. Challenges included using CSS to restyle the same html from laptops to give a unified experience for both iPhones and Blackberry handhelds.

Some pages made for mediatronica. This one above worked as a sort of desktop space with 4 way sliding between different screens of the interface, kind of like expose in OS X. It isn't currently in the field now, however.

Front end design for madverbs, a web application by Mediatronica.

I made an interactive text adventure game based on the Zellner Bros’ web series, Fiddlestixx as a lark to co-incide with their Sundance screening, it's a huge mess, and is nigh-unplayable- but it was fun to work on.

A quick and dirty page for the Austin Creative Code group that I rolled up in a few hours, links together a lot of third party services with a dash of jquery.

I built the website for the band Diagonals to be animated but still accessible, as well as easy to maintain and update. In fact, most of the content like show listings, news, and photos are being pulled from other sources automatically via rss. (I retired the site after I stopped playing with the band).

Another for the band Amasa Gana.

Perfect Vacuum - I created the artwork for Kazuyuki K. Null's album "Perfect Vacuum". He was a friendly man who liked to type in all caps.

Aster - These are a couple of desktop pictures and a complimentary icon I made from a set of images I made some time around 2002. Download the set here.


Reel 2 Reel - These are icons made from photographs of miniature reel-to-reel tape machines from this German site. The only notable one here is the "Sabine" icon, which has an additional open/drop state icon. (use it on a folder and then try dropping something on it) Download the iContainer of these icons here

Cassette Tapes - Here's a few casette tape icons that were made from the archive of photos at Project C-90, a Russian photo-archive of cassette tapes. These aren't anything spectacular, but I am kind of happy with the Sony tape (the body is slightly translucent, just like the real tape would be). Download the iContainer of them here.


Sound Toys- These are a few icons I made using images from, a great library of musical toys from the 70's and 80's. You can use .png versions (Pixadex will export them) as custom track icons in Logic 7 . You can download these as a Pixadex iContainer here.
You can also find some great vintage synthesizer icons at

Aspyr Icons- I had to learn how to make application icons quickly, and without a lot of help. The dawn of OS X meant that Aspyr's ports of Windows games needed more than their original Windows icons. Some of these were a little rough, but I was very happy with the Medal of Honor: Spearhead icons in particular.

Cuddly pals- Here a a couple of, uh.. lovable characters I sketched out. You can download all three of them as a Pixadex iContainer.

Bearz - I made a couple of OS X screensavers featuring my anglerbear character. You can download them here.


Steve Jackson Games 16x16 pixel icons- These are some tiny pixel icons I drew for a Steve Jackson Games application. It's really hard to try and get across a concept like "Superstructure" in a 16x16 pixel square.