Thunderbeam Heroes!

Thank you everyone! We are chugging along- every single backing counts, down to a dollar. I’ve been wholly flabbergasted though to see 4(!) THUNDERBEAM HERO level backings- a level I assumed no one would ever chip in at. And if you sniff out who those backers are, you will see they are totally heroes! We were super delighted to see Sword & Sworcery bard Jim Guthrie joining the ranks of the Thunderlords, and Eugenio Mira, director of Agnosia and The Birthday. Jamie Durrant and Lucius Kwok were new names to us, but a cursory search revealed that not only do they have fabulous names, they are awesome and talented to boot!
We’re doing it! There’s still far to go, but I am feeling really optimistic that we are going to make this happen, and I’ve been planning feverishly on how we are going to scale up and get our animation workflow going!
More updates soon!