Friday online video wars links

MPEG LA’s AVC License Will Not Charge Royalties for Internet Video That Is Free to End Users Through Life of License | Business Wire.
Also: over at Create Digital Motion, Firefox will still refuse not only to support h.264, but presumably will still refuse to go to a fallback if ogg or webm video is not included in an html5 video tag. You currently have to include a javascript hack to make firefox give up on the video element if no ogg file is included (Safari behaves the same, but favors h.264. Both browsers consider fallbacks to only be for browsers that don’t understand the video element at all).

Translation: The html5 video element is just as hosed as ever. You still need to encode multiple versions of the same video to use it, and the experience is going to be different in different browsers, since Ogg Theora’s quality is generally lower than h.264.

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